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I Do It Best



The Perfect Fit

Mi-Mioot Fashion provides stylish designs and Bridal Fittings services to all clients. My customizable outfit options are available in a variety of materials. As with all services provided, my Bridal Fittings options leave the decision up to you in terms of style and cut. Most importantly, you’ll feel confident and look great.


Custom Cuts

With my Dress Measurements services, each client’s measurements, style preferences, and wardrobe needs are integrated with great detail into a unique set of designs. Working with the finest materials, I hand cut, sew, and finish garments so they’ll fit right, look great, and wear well for any business or social occasion. Every stitch is perfect, and everyone will notice the Mi-Mioot Fashion difference.

Taking Measurments


Express Yourself

Mi-Mioot Fashion is known for carrying a wide range of upscale products. As one of the best tailors in Charlotte, North Carolina, I’m proud to offer high-quality accessories at affordable prices. My one-of-a-kind African traditional dresses are sure to make you stand out in the best way possible. Explore the collection today and find something you love.

Mimioot fashion alteration.jpg
Mimioot fashion alteration.jpg
We make less extensive changes to the garment fits and are also usually focused on one particular fit area. Ended, it could be as simple as taking in the waist on a pair of pants or shorter sleeves. We also repair a garment that has given out structurally, such as a fallen hem, missing button ....etc


Transform Your Look

Mi-Mioot Fashion guarantees top-of-the-line products at competitive rates. Since 2000, my customers have enjoyed the durability and beauty of my fashion products. Take home one of my custom-made Pillows and transform your wardrobe.

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